Origin of the Cotter Clan Name


Cotter is a name that originates in Ireland and England.  In Ireland the name is an anglicised form of the irish “Mac Oitir”, this name translates into Son of Oitir. The name Oitir is a derivative of the Old Viking name Óttarr. The name is made up of different elements “ótti” meaning fear and “herr” meaning army.

Cotter coat of arms

The name Cotter is mainly found in County Cork  in the town of Ballymacotter and also on the Isle of Man off the coast of Ireland.

The earliest record of the name is that of Mac Mic Otir which was recorded in 1142 and apparently assumed the Kingship of Dublin.

Variations of the name include Coates, Cotters, Cottar, Cotare, Cotteres, Coitter, Cotier and Kotter, which is mostly found in the US and Canada.