Kilmainham Cemetery

This extensive area is famous for many exciting Viking Age discoveries but the most famous legend claims that Brian Boru camped here when facing Mael Mordha,  the King of Leinster in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.

In an ancient graveyard, known as Bully’s Acre, the remains of Brian’s son Murrough and grandson Turlough and several other chieftains are thought to have been buried after the battle. The shaft of an ancient cross is said to mark the spot. Underneath this spot was found a hoard of Danish coins and a sword, some say belonging to Murrough, son of Brian, and used by him during the battle. In 1843 this sword hung in the headquarters of the commander of the forces at Kilmainham. Many Viking burials were also discovered her in the 19th century, along with many other Viking Finds in Dublin.

Bully’s Acre is a former public cemetery located near the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, and was also known as Hospital Fields. This is also the location of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Also here is Kilmainham Gaol, not far from the Guinness Brewery so one can combine visits with any, or all, of these. Located about 3.5km from the city centre so you can walk or catch bus numbers 79, 79A, 78A or 51B from Aston Quay.