Aftermath of the Battle of Clontarf

End of a Legacy

The Battle of Clontarf was the watershed of all the rivalries and division that had consumed Ireland for centuries.  A period of peace followed where the Celtic chieftains and the Vikings lived together in harmony, focusing on greater integration.

The only surviving leader of the rebel side was Sytrygg of Dublin, who had sent his soldiers into battle while staying inside the walls of Dublin himself, he continued to reign in Dublin for another 30 years.

Brian Boru (Bryan Boru) together with his son Murchad died, leaving no effective heir.  His two remaining sons did not inherit the throne after the death of their father.  Mael Sechnaill mac Domnaill former High King of Ireland, ruled once again and regained his throne.  From this point on the title of high king of Ireland was more of a token position and never again carried with it the power it was once held by The Great Brian Boru.