Battle of Glenmama

The Battle of Glenmama

Following on from Mael Sechnaills truce with Brian Boru in 997 in which they both took control over their respective halves of the country, Mael Sechnaill over the North and Brian over the South. On from this they began to put their efforts in to taking back Dublin.

Mael Morda mac Murchada King of Leinster and Sigrygg Silkbeard, the Danish Chieftain allied together against their efforts to take Dubliin. The rebellion of Morda and Sigtrygg combined their forces as Brian and Sechnaill’s army marched on Dublin.  They were met at the Wicklow pass, Dunlavin known as “Military Road” at the Battle of Glenmama in 999. The fighting was bloody and gruesome in the freezing mountains in a cold Wicklow winter. Brian and Sechnaill’s army were triumphant in deadly difficult conditions. After this battle, both men remained in their positions but revolted gaining support from Viking contingents abroad, this resulted in the Battle of Clontarf.