The Battle of Sulcoit

Battle of Sulcoit

The Battle of Sulcoit

The Battle of Sulcoit fought in County Tipperary in 968 was a ruthless battle between the Dal gCais and the Viking Norse of Limerick. Brian Boru together with his brother Mahon led the Dal gCais while the Vikings were led by the Viking King Ivar of Limerick.

As Mahon makes a truce with the Vikings, Brian is devastated, seeing his mother brutally murdered by the Vikings. The brothers are split and eventually Mahon asks the young Brian to leave. He does this taking a small band of supporters with him, and as word spreads his army grows in strength. They live in the mountains attacking Viking settlements. After a time, the brothers are finally reconciled when Brian invites him to his wedding to Mór. During this time the ancient seat of Cashel was lost to the Danes but Brian defeated the Danes in 968 and restored Cashel to its rightful place. Mahon seeing this renounced his truce with the Vikings. Together once again side by side the Dalcassians grew in strength.  Word got to Ivar of Limerick of the uprising of the brothers; he gathered his Danish army and headed towards Cashel. Mahon and Brian together with their Dalcassian army marched and cut them off at Sulcoit, a district near the current Limerick Junction.

The battle began at the break of dawn in 968, and lasted until that afternoon, when the Vikings gave way and fled into the surrounding fields towards Limerick. The Dalcassians in pursuit slaughtered them all the way to Limerick, which they had now taken possession of. Mahon together with Brian were successful on this day.

This battle was the first major victory for Mahon and his brother. They went on to defeat the Vikings in many other battles until Mahon became King of all Munster.