Origin of the Flanagan Clan Name


The name Flanagan (Ó Flannagain) is derived from the word Flann, which was a personal name meaning “Red”. Because of the popularity of the name, it was strong in different locations throughout Ireland. These areas being the counties of Roscommon and Offaly in the province of Connaught and also Fermanagh and Monaghan in Ulster. In the county of Roscommon they were associated with the royal O’Connor name.

Flanagan Clan name of Ireland

The O’Flannagain Clan were seated between Mantua and Elpin, location in Roscommon and were stewards to the Kings of Connacht, the O’Connors.

Today the name is distributed throughout Ireland but remains strong in homelands of the North of Connaught and Ulster.

Variations of the name include O’Flanagan, Flanigan, Flannian, Flannagain, Flenigan among many more.

The Coat of arms shows the strong connection to the O’Connors, the crest displaying the Oak Tree which is the O’Connor Symbol.