Origin of the O'Beirne Clan Name


The name O’Beirne is recorded as O’Beirne and Beirne in the irish annals. They name is pronounded almost exactly like O’Byrne but there is no connection to the name. The name O’Beirne was originally written as O’Birn or O’beirn, which is derived from the Norse forename Bjorn. The O’Beirne originated in County Roscommon in the province of Connacht whereas O’Byrne originates from County Kildare.

O'Beirne Crest

The O’Beirnes were closely associated and allied to the Clan McDermot as well as other leading families in the Roscommon area.  In the 13th century they ousted the O’Monohans as chiefs of Tir Briuim na Sinna to the North of County Roscommon which is between Elphin and Jamestown.

Apparently until the 19t century the O’Beirne’s still had hold of significant lands in the Roscommon areas. Many O’Beirnes emigrated to France where they flourished as Priests.

The Blue colour on the Coat of Arms represnets Strengh and Loyalty.

Variations of the name include Beirne, O’Bierne, Biern, O’Beirne, O’Beirne, Beirn, Birn, Birne among many more.