Origin of the O'Hynes Clan Name


The Hynes name is derived from the word Hine, meaning Lad or servant. All Hynes are descended from O’Heyne from the irish Ó hEighinfrom the Clann Eidhin. The Hynes name is of Irish origin and originates from the counties of Galway and Clare. Spelling variations of the name include Hines, Hine, Hyne, Hinds and Hynds among many others.

Hynes clan name of Ireland

The O’Heyne Clan were also among those called to stand against the Vikings at the Battle of Clontarf. Mulroy O’Heyne who was a father in law of Brian Boru, he was the first to be shaped as Lord of Aidhne in the year c.1010.

He was one of Brian Boru’s right hand men, together with Teige O’Kelly from the same clan commanding the forces of Connacht at the Battle of Clontarf against the Vikings. Mulroy, Tadhag and Brian were all killed on the battlefield on that day in 1014.

The Hynes held strong after the invasion of the Normans and held on to their lands.


Some of the sites associated to the Hynes Name:

Dunguaire Castle in County Galway was once a stronghold of the Hynes Chieftains.

The monastic site at Kilmacduagh of which consists of Churches, a restored Abbots House, a Chapel and a well-preserved round tower.

There is also an old gravestone in the graveyard of Ardrahan in County Galway where it is carved, an explanation of the O’Heyne coat of arms. The crest consists of two Lions side by side.