Origin of the Tighe Clan Name


The name Tighe comes from the old irish O’Taidhg. The original spelling of the name was Mac Taigh or O Taidhg. The person name Tadhg means poet or Philosopher. There were four main septs of the O’Taidhg clan in Ireland, some of these branches are said to descend from the brother of Connor O’Connor who was King of Connacht and died in 973. Others claim their descent from a son of Cathair Mór who was a King of Ireland in 119 AD.

Tighe family crest

The name Tighe originates from Galway in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht. The first recorded spelling of the name is of Muircheatach MacTaidhg dating back to 1159 during the reign of the King of Leinster, Dermot macMurrough.

The Colours on the Coat of Arms represent Constancy (black) and Sincerity and Peace (White).

Spelling variations of the name include MacTeige, McTeige, MacTigue, MacCaige, McCaig, McKaig, mackeague, McKeage, Mac Tague among many more.