Origin of the Boland Clan of Name

Boland comes from the gaelic form Ó Beólláin which was formed from a Norse Viking name. The name was originally portrayed with the O’ and was spelt as Bolan; since then the prefix has been dropped and the d added to the end, making the name Boland.

They originated in the counties of Clare and Sligo where they held a family seat in ancient times but are widespread through Ireland.

Boland Clan Crest

In Munster the Bolands hail from the Lough Derg area of County Clare and claim descent from the brother of Brian Boru, who was the last great High King of Ireland. One of the earliest settlers outside of Ireland was John Boland in Maryland in 1662 and James Boland in New England in 1764.

The colours red and yellow on the Coat of Arms give the meaning of Strength and Courage and in the centre the lion symbolises courage, a warrior or chief, and the eagle, popular in Ireland as a 'demon of the air' was a powerful image also. The eagle was also popular as a symbol of the Dal gCais.

Variations include Boland, Bolan, O’Boland, O’Bolan, Bolend, Bolen, Bolland, Bollan, Bowland, Bowlan, Bowlin, Bolander and many more.