Origin of the Considine Clan Name


The name Considine originally appeared as MacConsidine and in gaelic as Mac Consaidin, which means son of Constantine. The name Considine was borne by a branch of the O’Brien’s from County Clare in the province of Munster. Many bearers of the name are still found today in the counties of Clare and Limerick today. One of the earliest recordings of the name in Ireland was an early Bishop of Killaloe, Consaidin O’Briain (1164-1194). He was the youngest son of Toirdelbach O’Briain, King of Thomond who was a direct descendant of the last Great High King of Ireland, Brian Boru.

Considine coat of arms

One of the earliest settlers in the United States was Patrick Considine who arrived in Quebec in 1840. The name Considine was famous from ancient times through the Roman Empire where Constantine the Great in 373 ordered the acceptance of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire.

The colours on the Considine coat of arms consist of Red, Black and Gold which represent generosity, constancy and military strength.

Variations include Considine, McConsidine, Considene, McConsidene, Cossentine and Consterdine among many others.