Origin of the Hurley Clan Name


The Hurley name has become the English version of at least 3 distinct original names. The first being Ó hUirthile who were part of the Dál gCais tribe based in Clare, the second  being the Ó Muirthile based around Kilbritian west Cork and the third being Ó hlarlatha from the district of Ballyvourney also from Cork. Hurley is also the known as Cammane, the Irish name for a Hurley Stick or Caman in irish, used in the traditional Irish sport. An interesting example of the translation of surnames is found in County Clare where some of whom, who were originally name Hurley are now known as Commane.

O'Hurley Clan Crest

They originated in Limerick; where they were Lords and chiefs of Knockalong Castle in County Limerick, which ruins still exist today.  

The name is also found predominantly in County Cork. The sept is descended from the Brenan Ban on the O’Brien line.

Some of the first settlers outside of Ireland were in Virginia in 1700 bearing the name Eliza Hurley and Daniel hurly in 1745 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Variations include O’Hurly, Hurlie, O’Hurley, O’Hurlie, Commane.