Origin of the MacNamara Clan Name


The name MacNamara comes from the Irish Mac Conmara which means” son of the hound of the sea” before being translated into English from McNamara. The MacNamara clan are proud descendants of Cu Mara their 10th Century ancestor of the Dal gCais.The Macnamara’s were second only to the great O’Briens in the Dál gCais tribe. Therefore they were hereditary Marshalls to the O’Brien’s.


The McNamara’s grew in power to become rulers of the territory of Clancullen, which is an area in East Clare. They originated from County Clare, where the MacNamara and MacConmara were chiefs of the territory of Clan Caisin, now known as the Barony of Tullagh.

Today the name is widespread throughout Ireland but is still most prominent in the counties of Clare and Limerick.

Additional names include MacConmara, Macnamara, McNamara, McNamar, mcNemarra, MacConmara, Conmara, McClandy, McSheedy and Sheedy.

Some of the earliest McNamara settles in the United States were Peter McNamara in 1766 who arrived in Boston, Massachusetts.