Origin of the O'Curry Clan Name


The name is derived from the Irish word curraigh meaning “wet plain or march”. The Irish meaning of the name is Ó Camhraí or Ó Comraige meaning descendant of Comhraidhe (spear). The name originally in old Irish was O’Corra or O Corraigh. In Ulster the name Corry or Ó Corry is a well-known alternative for Corr. The O’Curry name is scattered throughout Ireland and so has multiple origins.

They most prominent of the name originated from the Kingdom of Thomond in that of County Clare and were known in the irish form Ó Comhraighe.

O'Curry Coat of Arms

There was also another sept known as O’Curry in the barony of Kerricurrehy in County Cork, where they now go by the name Corry. It is taught that this sept may be a branch of the O’Corry’s from Clare.

Another is found in County Westmeath where they were chiefs of Moyoish. In the Ulster region many of the Curry’s are of Scottish ancestry.

The Curry of Thomond coat of arms consists of an arm in armour embowed holding a spear all proper. These arms differ and bear St Andrews Cross , the Saltire, with a rose for hope and joy and the seventh son.

Variations of the name include Corey, Cory, Coriell, Curry, Corry, Currie, Corr and Currey among many others.