Origin of the O'Grady Clan Name


The O’Grady name comes from the irish Ó Grádaigh meaning Noble. O’Grady is one of the most memorable of the Dalcassian clans and is today still closely connected with County Clare. The Dalcassian’s or Dal gCais who claim descent from Cás, a son of Oiloll Ollum, who was a third-century King of Munster. The O’Gradys thus share common ancestry with the great O’Briens.

O'Grady Clan

The O’Grady’s birthplace was Clare but from an early date they have strong ties to Limerick, particularly, Killballyowen in County Limerick.  

The Seat and chief of the name was of that area in County Limerick, Killballyowen. This Seat was acquired Hugh Donal, born c943 who was then head of the family, he based his name on Niall Glún Dubh (Black Knee) High King of Ireland who died in 919.

Additional names belonging to the group O’Grady include Graddy, O’Bady, Gready, MacGrade among many others.

The First recorded spelling of the family name in irish history is John O’Grady who was Bishop of Tuam dating back to 1364.