Origin of the O'Hanrahan Clan Name


The O’Hanrahan name was originally spelled Ó hAnnracháin, which may be a variation of the word O hAnradhain, which is derived from ánragh meaning soldier (the descendant of the warrior). The name was originally used in the kingdom of Leinster where kings and nobles ruled and existed in ancient pre 10th century Ireland. Many of the Ó hAnnracháin’s who emigrated from our shores changed their name to Hanrahan where they are very common in the United States.

O'Hanrahan, Hanrahan

The majority of surnames used today in Ireland and around the world were once that of the nickname given to the original chief of the clan. The Hanrahan name originated in the west part of County Cork.

In medieval times they were erenaghs of Ross, where they were responsible for collecting parish revenue from rents, maintaining church property and overseeing lands.

During the invasion of Ireland in 1169 many of the Hanrahans lost their lands and titles.

Their crest includes holly for truth, the trefoil or shamrock for longevity but more significantly, the symbol of St Patrick and the Holy Trinity.

Variations of the name include Hanrahan, Hourahan, Hourihan, Hourihane, Handrahan, Hanraghan and Hanradhan among many others.