Origin of the Kennedy Clan Name


Kennedy is an anglicised form of the gaelic name Ó Ceannéidigh, descendant of Ceannéidigh, which was a personal name derived from ceann (which means head) and éiigh( which means ugly). Cinneide was the name of the nephew of Brian Boru (Bryan Boru), High King of Ireland so the name has a direct link to the ancestory line of Brian Boru.

O'Kennedy Clan, Kennedys, Brian Boru, Bryan Boru

The Kennedy descendents were among the most powerful families of the Dál gCáis and left their home of Clare to the adjoining North Tipperary where they became Lords of Ormond for over four hundred years until the Sixteenth century.

They originated from Munster, the counties of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary. It is from here that the surname became widespread all over the world particularly in the United States where the Famous Kennedy family are bearers of the name and descendants from him. The most famous being J.F Kennedy the thirty-fifth president of the United States of America.

Additional variations of the name include Quenedy, Kenneday, Kenedie, Kenedy, Kennedy.