Origin of the O'Mahony Clan Name


O’Mahony is a gaelic form of the name Ó Mathghamhna, meaning descendant of Mathghamhain (Good Calf). O’Mahony’s they take their name from the Forefather of the great Mahoney Clan, Mathghamhain who was the son of Cian and Sadhbh (who was the daughter of the great Brian Boru).

O'Mahony Clan, Mahony Sept

The O’Mahoney’s were for a brief period in history Kings of Munster and Desmond. They are first found in Cork occupied lands in Cork stretching to Mizen Head in the far south of Ireland. The Mahoney Chiefs were referred to as “Rithe na Naoi bFonn” which means Kings of the Nine Territories. The O’Mahonys built castles in County Cork, near Mizen Head, among those, Rosbrin, Dunmanus and Dun Locha.

Some of the first mahony settlers in the United States were in Maryland, Teag Mahony in 1668 and Ellen Mahony in 1680. Margaret Mahony and Dennis Mahony settled in Boston, Massachusetts in 1766.

Variations of the name include O’Mahoney, Mahony and Mahoney.