Origin of the Twomey Clan Name


The irish for the word Twomey is O Tuama, descendant of Tuama. It could be derived from the word Tuaim meaning Hill. When used with the “O”, is denotes to be “descendant of”. This old family name was descended from Tuaim Snama, who was an eight century king of Osraigi, who was apparently of Dalcassian origin. They were descended from Brian Boru’s bother Mahon (Mathghamhain) who was King of Munster before the reign of Brian. He was killed by the Vikings alongside the Eoghanachta. The Twomey’s were first found in County Cork although they did descend from the Dál gCais in the North of Munster.

Twomey Crest

In early census of 1659, O’Twomey appeared as the second most popular name, the first being Murphy. One of the earliest settlers outside of Ireland was Jeremiah Twomey in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1833.

Before there was widespread literacy, people entrusted documentation of their name to an individual scribe.

Because of this the spelling of surnames took on different variations. Some of these varations include O’Twomey, Toomey, Toomee, Tome, O’tome, Thomey, O’Thomey, Thoume, Thomey, Tumey, O’Tumey and Tumee among many more.